Biggest Critic

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“ I’m my own worst critic.”

-Jeanie Cooper

This is a statement I have said to myself countless times. It is usually when I am working on something and I start to berate myself about my performance or when I’m making procrastination an art form. It is during these times and others like it that I pull out all of my critical ammunition. This is when I start to criticize everything about myself.

If we were being truly honest with ourselves we can all look back on moments when we criticized ourselves. If I’m being completely honest I criticize myself at least once a day and that can be about anything from the way I look to how loud I may be. However, have you ever wondered what fuels our criticism? Who gives us the ammunition that we pull out during our moments of being nowhere near picture perfect? Who is influencing our voice?

choosing to believe God’s perspective about them and letting go of all the negatives. POSTIVE VIBES ONLY!

We got the opportunity to hangout with a small group that met throughout the school year and spoke about various topics. One of those topics included self-esteem. As a wrap-up they wrote on balloons all of their insecurities and the things that have been said about them. They later released the balloons. They decided that they no longer wanted to be their biggest critics. They did not want to take the words that were spoken to them or about them and use them as ammunition. Instead they are choosing to believe God’s perspective about them and letting go of all the negatives. POSITIVE VIBES ONLY!


You are altogether beautiful, my darling; there is no flaw in you. - Song of Solomon 4:7 Click To Tweet



Whether it is a television show, strangers, friends or just unrealistic expectations there are outside influences that shape the way in which we see ourselves. Those influences say one thing and we hold on to them allowing them to become the standard by which we measure ourselves. For instance, I was once called intimidating,

which is something I never thought that I was. I held on to that word and questioned everything I did. For a solid month I tried my hardest not to be intimidating. Can I just tell you how exhausting that was? But you know what I like myself and if someone finds me intimidating that is their problem.

One of the girls we were able to talk to spoke about the fact that she was once told, “being that loud is not cute.” This along with countless statements were written on balloons and then let go. After the girls let the balloons go they laughed and smiled as if a physical weight had just been released. So if you are reading this I encourage you to let it go!

Remember that Sally’s words (my hypothetical hater.) do not define you! Click To Tweet

Tips for Becoming your Biggest Supporter Instead:

  1. Remember that Sally’s words (my hypothetical hater. Sorry if your name is Sally) do not define you! So once the words hit your ears, eject them as quickly as possible. Do not allow them to take up residence in your mind not even for a second.
  2. There are no guidelines for being you! No one has written a manual on what it takes to be you because there is honestly no one like you. Literally you are the only you I promise. So be you!
  3. You are “fearfully and wonderfully made” (Psalm 139:14). This is something we need to know inside and out. Once you know it, you better own it! This is probably the most important one because it’s biblical.

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