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Beauty. What the hell is that? Don’t mind my language, but I’m trying to be as honest and transparent as I can be. “What the hell is beauty?” is how I really feel.

Am I supposed to believe every person who has told me I’m beautiful? Am I supposed to believe I’m beautiful even when I don’t feel like I am? Does beauty even have anything to do with the way I look, act, or feel?
Honestly, most of these questions are pretty easy to answer, right? For the most part, we’ve all been trained to say yes to some questions and no to others. We’ve been taught and maybe even conditioned to believe that “beauty is more than skin-deep.”Call me crazy, but I hate that saying.

Yeah, it’s true. Beauty is more than skin-deep. We’re taught that, and it is meaningful. But I’m frustrated because we’re told and shown two completely different things.
I don’t know what kind of world you live in, but my world is full of aesthetically pleasing stimulus around every corner.

I see people with perfect hair, perfect eyebrows, perfect outfits, and accessories. The cutest little Polaroid picture of a person posed dramatically in front of a sunflower field. The right (expensive) backpack. Heck, even the right expensive water bottle.WHEN THE HECK DID WE START NEEDING TO HAVE THE RIGHT WATER BOTTLE? Oh, and let’s not even talk about social media.

WHEN THE HECK DID WE START NEEDING TO HAVE THE RIGHT WATER BOTTLE? Oh, and let’s not even talk about social media.

Just kidding, let’s talk about it. SO MANY perfect pictures with the perfect lighting and perfect filter right above the perfect caption.

Let me just be straight up with you. Multiple times I have wanted to post a picture, but I don’t because it’s not cute enough or I don’t have a clever enough caption. And that’s bull shit. (Again, excuse my language.) Pretty skin deep if you ask me.
Why, on my Father’s green earth, should I ever back down because I’m not “whatever” enough? (I hope you read that with attitude, cuz, baby girl, I said it with attitude.)
I grew up surrounded by people who loved me and told me I’m beautiful all the time. Literally all the time. And at one point in my life, it annoyed me.

It annoyed me because I didn’t feel beautiful. I wasn’t skinny (still not). I wasn’t blonde (still not). My legs weren’t long or lean enough (still aren’t). My family couldn’t afford to buy the clothes everyone else had. So, obviously, I didn’t feel beautiful. Shallow, I know (insert eye roll emoji), but true. All because I didn’t fit the image of beauty that was constantly surrounding me.
Can I be honest though? I’ve conformed a little bit. I have one of those water bottles (two actually). I shop at some of the right stores, whatever that means. And I feel good about having many of the possessions the rest of the country has.

But, I’ll also tell you what I’m sure many other people have told you. Material items don’t change anything, they don’t make you beautiful (they don’t even make you cool). And what if a culturally aesthetic life is no different. Being cute and cool on social media doesn’t make you beautiful. Our culture doesn’t get to define beauty. Beauty’s definitions was molded and set in the foundations of the universe.
If you’re a Christian I’m going to tell you something else you’ve heard a million times.
You’re beautiful because the creator of the universe created you. You’re beautiful because of who you are. Simple as that.

We are who we are, and we have to choose to walk in that comfort. Just as we have to choose to daily take up our cross and follow Jesus, we have to choose, daily, to live in the truth God has laid before us. Our God is Beautiful.
Be holy because I, the Lord your God, am holy (Leviticus 19:2).

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